DataCity Network brings together innovators from the city-side, corporates and the startup-ecosystem through ideation-workshops and meetups to inspire data-driven cross-sector collaboration. 

In 2018, DataCity launched its Network offer in Berlin, in addition to its open innovation program "Challenges". The membership offers learning and networking opportunities about the most recent trends in technology, to foster the development of data-driven innovation projects in Berlin.

Who can join the network?


As a city guest you can play an integral part in steering local innovation activities toward real problems Berlin faces. Your domain of expertise can support ongoing innovation projects and inspire new solutions to make Berlin smarter, more sustainable & liveable.

Upcoming Workshops

All workshops are designed to be result-driven and produce actionable next steps. Your feedback and perspective matter and will help develop ongoing and emerging innovation initiatives that can involve the city. A typical workshop will help you understand technologies better (eg. machine learning, blockchain) as well as experience and master innovation methodologies like design thinking and lean startup. 

This is also an opportunity to network and build relationships with other innovators on the corporate, startup and city-side

in an inspiring venue and relaxed atmosphere of trust and collaboration. 

JULY 11th 
Recycling & Blockchain
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SEPT 12th
Digital Cities & Location Technologies
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OCT 23th 
Buildings & IoT
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NOV 14th
Cross-Industry & Cross-Technology
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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris