Dockless Vehicles & Public Space

How can new mobilities be developed in respect of the public space? 


 Cities are confronted with severe overcrowding of sidewalks by new vehicles, such as scooters, bikes and motorcycles left on site by users. This phenomenon affects persons with reduced mobility, sight people, elderly, children, etc. for which it represents a risk. The City of Paris together with Engie-Siradel wish to develop a mapping of Paris that will enable to understand, predict, and anticipate the issues arising from these new mobilities.





Wintics develops artificial intelligence solutions to support smart city initiatives regarding mobility and planning. Wintics algorithms stem from a large amount of data (tabs, videos, GPS, etc) in order to improve the understanding, the prediction and the optimisation of urban flows.











Data set

- Free floating data set services

-  Data on sidewalks provided by the City Hall



- Engie-Siradel : 3D mapping platform to analyse free floating services data in the Parisian context

- Sopra Steria : project management, technical resources, transport expertise

- Axway : API Management technology




The envisioned solution would allow to realize a diagnosis on their location in Paris, at various hours of day and night. This way the municipality and the free floating compagnies can better anticipate the extent of the phenomenon and imagine the rules to govern them in the public space. Critical situations could be identified: dangerously blocked pavements, underserved areas, etc. Free floating services would then be informed (corresponding vehicles, parking zones nearby) of the situation and would be invited to react in consequence.





Many big cities are confronted with the very same issue, in France as well as abroad. Such a solution could thus be duplicated and implemented in any city willing to meet the challenge of new mobilities integration. For free floating compagnies, this mapping can be used as a tool of Business Analytics guiding their deployment strategies.







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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris