Personalised Tourist Guides

How can foreign tourists enjoy a different, authentic and personalised experience of Paris ?



 The concentration of tourists in certain areas of Paris lead to problems for the tourists themselves, for the municipality and for businesses. From a tourist perspective, the touristic experience can be degraded in cases of high affluence on certain touristic sites (too many people, crowd movements, long waiting lines, etc.)  Such problems have led MasterCard, the City of Paris and Paris Habitat to tackled the following challenge: How can the problem of overcrowding of touristic zones be solved in order to dynamise alternative neighbourhoods and suggest an improved experience to tourists?





MFG Labs is a consulting and production company with a strong expertise in data and artificial intelligence. We help compagnies improving their decisions, automating their processes and creating new services with data science, design, and advanced technologies. 





- Paris Habitat : 25 000 businesses and activities ;

- Mastercard : Anonymised data on transactions per nationality/type of business

- Office du tourisme et des congrès de Paris (OTCP), contextual data per nationality on: The seasonality of tourist visits (Orange Flux Vision and/or Insee data) ;

- Leverages of attractivity of tourist repeaters (OTCP/IPSOS investigation) ;

- APUR : database on businesses




Thanks to the data provided by the partners, the objective of the challenge is to create and suggest touristic itineraries that meet their expectations in order to improve their experience. The service imagined in the context of the challenge will be suggested to foreign tourists arriving to Paris. It will have to be integrated in the most fluid way to the tourist experience.




BFor MasterCard, Paris Habitat and the Parisian Studio for Urban Planning, it is a good opportunity to figure out how transaction data can be useful to improve the quality of life within the city. For the City of Paris, this challenge is an opportunity to give a new image of the parisian destination, improve the touristic attractivity, increase the time of tourist trips and the rate of tourist returns. For the startup, this challenge could lead to new business opportunities to sell its solution to partners, retailers, or tourists.






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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris