Paving the way for energy retrofitting of housing

How can property owners be supported in decreasing their carbon footprint?


 In Paris, many buildings consume too much energy. This is why Enedis, Parisian Agency for Climate, CNES, LACROIX Group, Total and the City of Paris decided to pool their energy data. The merging of data and their visualisation on a unique platform will enable to understand and follow the evolution on buildings consumption, and to stakeholders of energy retrofit to provide better guidance. The experimentation will take place in the 13th district of Paris. 





We enable energy retrofit massification by enabling housing sector actors to identify precisely the housing in needs. We gather heterogeneous data of a same territory and make a clear technological tool out of it through web mapping.







- [APC] Data base of the CoachCopro tool, national register on commonhold, list of the buildings that have benefited from an energy efficiency retrofit intervention

- [OpenData Ville de Paris] Land register, buildings volume, decisions of the relevant Urban Planning administration

- [Enedis] electric consumption date issued from the Linky meters, compliant with data privacy regulations

- [LACROIX Group] teleprocessing data concerning the stations already implemented on boiler rooms and sub stations for collective heating

- [Total] data on fuel and gas consumption compliant with data privacy regulations and some in-door benchmarks on energy consumption in commonhold during distinctive time periods ;

- [CNES] spatial data (thermal infrared)




This tool should enable:

- Massification of energy retrofit initiatives for housing ("low carbon" strategy)

- Targeting of the housing consuming the most energy in Paris

- Back-up of housing committed into energy retrofit works in Paris

- Proposal of simplified energy balance sheet





- [Enedis] concrete example of the use of power consumption data thanks to the Linky electric meters

- [City of Paris + Parisian Agency for Climate] work basis for the development of a Public Service on Energy Data

- [CNES] integration of thermic spatial data to enable the diagnosis of energy consumption

- [LACROIX Group] participation to the energy transition through energy consumption teleprocessing

- [Total] promotion of the implementation of energy saving programs with the subsidiary GreenFlex







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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris