Accessibility to urban spaces



Personalized routes for increased accessibility


An app offering personalized routes from point A to B, answering the needs of people with reduced mobility.





A mobile app called "Accecité" allowing people with reduced mobility to identify the best routes taking into consideration their accessibility level. Using filters, the app allow the user to simply specify its requirements for a fully personalized experience.

The experimentation took place in Paris.



Partners are providing the following data sets: compliance statuses of public spaces in terms of accessibility, administrative retail registers on the degree of legal compliance of buildings, accessibility labels for accessible residences, hotels and offices, width of sidewalks, curb height, transport options in terms of their degree of accessibility. The selected startup – WeGoTo - creates map databases of urban areas that are adapted to different mobility profiles and are taking into account objects in the public space.




Today there are no reliable, practical solutions allowing people with a disabling experience to calculate their itinerary and points of interest regarding the disability or situation. The French Law of the 11th of February 2005 is also helping the acceleration of better understanding and adapting to these needs.





This solution could be useful to: GPS developers, companies wishing to receive a disabled person, real estate companies that wish to install retirement homes or automated residences, cities that wish to identify important modifications to be carried out to improve accessibility.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris