Adapt bus traffic to tourist demand



A data-driven approach to traveler counting

The solution offers the city sightseeing buses' company a dashboard to analyze patterns and adapt their offers according to real-time information.






The visual dashboard presents data based on sightseeing buses frequentation and sales and allows the operating company (RATP Dev) to adapt its services and organization for visitors based on actual travelers requirements. Collected data includes: how visitors use the buses, how many are on board, where they hop-on and hop-off, as well as from what sales channel they acquired their ticket.


The experimentation took place in Paris.



Partners provided the following data sets: ticketing info for the sightseeing buses, travel-related data from mobile devices, anonymised credit card transaction records (amounts, user profiles, payment methods, locations, times and average purchases), data from sensors, cameras, wifi and bluetooth hotspots for buses, data from beacons in several pieces of street furniture including bus shelters. The selected startup - Intersec - provides software solutions to leverage data in municipalities.




Available solutions merely count travellers, and that information is not enough to optimise journeys in light of the number of people using specific modes of transport, or to anticipate customer requirements based on their profiles.


Better understanding of tourists habits and excpectations - based on data - can help any operating sightseeing company provide better service on the whole and develop new custom offers based on smarter profiling.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris