Carpooling optimisation



Personal assistant to organize carpooling trips

This solution brings AI to messenger in order to facilitate carpooling organization and eventually reduce single use of cars.




The solution helps car owners who commute on a daily basis between Casa-nearshore business area and their home in urban and suburban areas. Organization and connecting with other commuters being a key component to increase carpooling, having a personal assistant directly in messenger to organize the trips is a game changer.

The experimentation took place in Casablanca.




Partners provided access to ViaMichelin data (a route planner and digital travel assistant for drivers) The selected startup – – offers an AI-based carpooling solution, integrated in existing social media messaging systems.




Air pollution from vehicle emissions are especially high in urban areas but organizing carpooling can be a struggle for users.







This solution helps reduce the rate of single-use cars and the total amount of carbon emissions in any city facing similar air pollution and traffic issues.






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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris