Detection of energy anomalies


From "dumb" to "smart" building with no extra equipment

A technology crossing data to identify patterns of energy anomalies and react accordingly without requiring additional data sets or technology.








The solution allowed instant identification of energy anomalies with no additional data or additional sensors. It also improved the time for issue identification and lowered the risks or overlooking them.


The experimentation took place in Paris at the Setec headquarters.




Partners provided data from central meter boxes (electricity, gas, water) The selected startup – Sensewaves – provides data analytics tools and IoT solutions in the fields of enery & utilities.




New technologies can help buildings control their energy consumption. But most of them are still not equipped with this technology and have only basic electricity, water and gas meters. They need a solution to better address their energy consumption and identify its flows with no additional costs or setup..


Since the experimentation, Sensewaves has carried on their collaboration with Setec and has replicated the solution in Denmark and Portugal. Potentially, this solution could be scaled worldwide to other buildings with basic equipment and need to better monitor and control their energy consumption.


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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris