Improved comfort for commuters



Real time congestion index for public transports users


The technology developed in this project enables real-time measurement of affluence in public transportation.








The solution developed takes the form of an API tool combining data from video counting, GPS positions and beacons. This enabling real-time measurement for traffic in public transportation.





The experimentation took place in Paris.



The experimentation took place in Paris "Porte de France" area to estimate affluence and traffic on bus line number 81. This index of affluence is searchable by the general public on information screens (in Mairie for example) or third-party applications (Affluences).





This challenge address the problem of discomfort in public transportation due to overcrowding. Especially during rush hour, the following situation is very common: once already inside a train station during rush hour, the subway is overcrowded at the back but carriages are empty at the front; or an overcrowded bus is followed a few minutes later by an empty bus, etc




Many cities face issues of congestion in public transportation. While alternatives exists, it hard for users to have real time information about the filling rate of the public transports.





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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris