Improved running experience



Personalized routes for runners


A tailored route for each runners' profile





An app allowing runners to create, a running route tailored for their individual needs (duration, distance, road gradation, etc.) and adapted to constraints in real time (events, weather, traffic, pollution).

The experimentation took place in Paris.




Partners are providing the following data sets: street lighting fixtures, road traffic and congestion, construction works, park and garden openings and closings, road features, location of water fountains, exercise facilities, location of points of interest. The selected startup – Runnin’City - is a smartphone application, allowing its users to discover more than 120 cities while running thanks to a vocal GPS and audio-guide.





It is not easy for runners to find alternate running routes that meet individual needs and preferences. Only a limited amount of websites can offer a diverse selection of running routes throughout Paris. Even so, these websites do not take into account real time conditions or the running route’s start and end points.



This solution could be easily scaled to any urban environnement, allowing a better experience for runners as well as improving the overall quality of life. This also increase the attractivity of a city.



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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris