Increasing occupancy in office buildings


A dashboard for optimized space allocation planning

Irlink and SharingCloud built a dashboard to help objectify each workspace use in real-time (get occupancy rate, receive alerts on underused and overused spaces…) and react accordingly..





Thanks to this solution, space planning and space re-organization can focus on employees experience and uses. The underused spaces in a building are now reduced for a better optimization of each space.


The experimentation took place in Cisco and Nexity buildings in Paris.




Partners provided the following data: booking management system extract or API Exchange for room bookings, as well as Access-control APIs and visitor-counting data. Cisco also provided the following technologies: proprietary video recognition and person-counting algorithms. Two startups were selected: Irlynx - a startup providing low cost infrared sensor arrays, and SharingCloud - a startup offering digital workspace solutions.



In Paris, space is scarce and square metres are very expensive. However, buildings and other facilities are often underused. Company restaurants, for instance, are empty during most of the day whereas meeting rooms are often in short supply.



This solution represents a cost-optimization opportunity with better quality of life at work Any company facing low occupancy rate could benefit from this solution.





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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris