Local electricity community



Real energy exchange at community level using Innovative smart meters

Linc developed a back-end technology for real energy exchange between electricity consumers and producers.



Thanks to a visual interface, consumers and producers were able to connect instantly. The back-end technology was supported and data-fed by Linc’s smart meters.



The experimentation took place in the Paris area at the EDF R&D Lab.



Partners provided the following data sets: consumption points of given devices in a test home, and production points from its energy sources. The selected startup – Linc - provides hardware and software solutions to enable real-time energy management in any building.




Since 2017, a French law allow communities to self-supply electricity. This raised several questions, such as: how to set up an energy sharing system scaled for a local communities, how to connect energy producers and consumers, and how to make these systems available to all.


This solution could help any decentralized electricity communities willing to optimize its energy bill and/or contribute to lower green-gas emissions. This project could become part of corporate offers in the realm of: property development, building development or as a new service deals for energy companies.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris