On-demand bus trips



Assess the possible implementation of on-demand bus rides

The field experiment helped identified the optimal size of urban area suitable for on-demand bus trip in order to make it better than standard routes.






The experiment allowed the city of Paris and the RATP (Paris public transport operator) to assess the costs and potential of an on-demand offer for short bus trips. The cost of implementation being quite high it has not been implemented yet but it could help reduce costs and offer a better offer to citizens, including disabled people, in the future.


The experimentation took place in Paris' 19th district.




Partners provided the following data sets : anonymous GSM mobile data and bus usage data (number of buses, number of passengers, rate of acceptable detours). The selected startup – Padam – develops 2.0 solutions for modern transportation leveraging data and AI.




Understanding the nature and the frequency of urban short trips is of great interest to public actors wanting to offer the best public transport system. Paris was considering deploying an on-demand service but its citizen but needed to assess the potential value generation.



This methodology could be applied to other cities considering the implementation of on-demand transportation services.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris