Optimize employee commutes



Itinerary intelligence from multi sourced mobility channels


The dashboard helps HR or CSR managers to get to know the employees' mobility profiles in order to adapt the commute company plans.






The mobility assistant helps business mobility managers gather information on their employees' commuting habits in order to design personalized solutions within the new regulation scope. These commuting solutions focuse on the user comfort as well as reducing the environmental impact of the transportation.

The experimentation took place in Paris.



Within two months, the partners (ALD Automotive, the City of Paris and Mobileety) worked on three experimental areas, collected the commuting information of 400 employees, and interviewed about ten HR and CSR decision makers to understand their needs. the selected startup - Mobeelity - aggregates all modes of transportation data to offer the most optimized route.




Starting in January 2018, the PDE (Business Travel Plan) obliges companies with over 100 employees to improve employee transport options by encouraging the use of public transport and carpooling. Today, most employees commute to work by car. This method of transport is not necessarily efficient, not in line with company plans, and detrimental to the environment.






Any city or company wishing to improve its employee mobility plan may be interested in this solution. Moreover the solution has an impact on congestion issues in large metropolitan area.






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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris