Optimize energy consumption in buildings



Custom consumption profiles & tailored advice to reduce the energy bill

Intelligent Energy Efficiency Solution helps manage consumption, as well as control and reduce the energy bill.


The solution helps identify the points of consumption and break it down to build a personalized consumption profile of buildings. It also provides recommendations for operators on how to reduce the overall energy use.


The experimentation took place in Casablanca..




The resources provided by the partners in this challenges includes datasets pertaining to the energy consumption and technical data on the electrical infrastructures of the facilities. The selected startup – Enekio – provides smart solutions to manage energy consumption, control and reduce the energy bill



Large companies managing maintenance centers are heavy energy consumers although their energy bill could be easily reduced. One of their main challenges is to empower the maintenance operators in order to build understanding and knowledge on the main points of consumption..





The solution developed in the framework of the challenge may be used by operators managing industrial facilities.





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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris