Optimizing energy consumption habits



Guiding policies for a better energy consumption


Identify over consuming buildings at large scale (at the scale of a pool of buildings, a district), in order to give behavioral recommandations to reduce energy consumption.








The managers of pre-existing public or private commercial property portfolios can access tailored behavioral recommandations for reducing energy consumption based on specific criteria (age, location, profile etc.) of a pool of buildings.


The experimentation took place in Paris.




Partners are providing the following data sets: characteristics of a sample of the estates of the City Hall of Paris and BNPP REPM, actual heating and cooling consumption data The selected startup – Openergy - offers a SaaS platform for building monitoring, that combines data-mining and energy simulation.





The managers of public or private commercial property portfolios have no standard consumption figures to target buildings in which improvements to consumption behaviors are necessary in order to reduce actual consumption. It is often difficult for these managers to identify measures for cost-cutting energy efficiency.




While recommandations for reducing energy consumption may sometimes seems obvious, it is hard to identify where and what efforts can be made to optimize energy usage, especially at the scale of commercial property portfolios. This tool helps reduce energy consumption at large scale, therefore having an economical and environmental impact.



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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris