Real-time monitoring and billing for energy



Real-time monitoring and invoicing energy

The solution offers a real time monitoring and automated invoicing solution.





The solution is designed to improve transparency and empower facility managers in their energy consumption duties. It monitors precisely the energy consumption of a large number of customers, in order to be able to bill customers adequately and automatically and inform decision-making on energy performance. The experimentation focused mainly on identifying the needs and features that such a solution would meet.


The experimentation took place in Casablanca, in the CasaNearShore business park.




The selected startup – Light'Inno – is a platform offering real-time monitoring of electricity consumption for industrial facility managers.




In many cases, facilities managers are in charge of reading and billing electricity meters. However, on large-scale facilities this technique can result in a lack of visibility on actual energy consumption and how it is evolving over time.





This solution could help improve the productivity of facilities managers who are busy re-invoicing energy expenditure manually. This monitoring solution can also help them in their decision-making processes.





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