Reduce traffic, improve logistics



Analyse and adapt logistics means to traffic

The solution developped by Colisweb offers analysis of traffic impact on logistics and provides optimization suggestions.







Colisweb devleoped a tool measuring the impact of potenial urban modifications on logisics in terms of cost, time and CO2 per delivery. The solution was also able to recommend the ideal leet size (i.e. number of bikes, vans and trucks) for a specific urban area.



The experimentation took place in Paris' 1st and 2nd districts.



Partners provided the following data sets: La Poste van delivery routes, customer categories, delivery categories. All this data was subject to strict confidentiality rules. The selected startup - Colisweb - developped an "uber-like" system for fast affordable delivery throug a dynamic pricing model.



Faced with a growing demand for delivery and always faster delivery, companies and cities must adapt to manage this additional pressure on cities and entail the need for specific arrangements to avoid the extra traffic worsening congestion.




This solution could be implemented in any city with a need for traffic reduction resulting from logistics. As there are no effective systems for delivery traffic classification, this solution could be beneficial to logistics companies facing similar issues.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris