Reusing furnitures and appliances



Promoting re-use and up-cycling by connecting users with recycling services and individuals

Increase the amount of re-used furnitures and sensitize people to upcycling and circular economy






This service promotes re-use and thus limits the production of waste. It is an easy way for citizens to donate objects instead of throwing them away, promoting social ties at the neighborhood level.


The experimentation took place in Paris.




Partners are providing the following data sets: history of bulk removal requests. The selected startup – Co-Recyclage - helps its clients minimize waste through digital tools and innovative solutions of the circular economy.







The City of Paris receives at least 1.000 pick-up requests of discarded materials per day. Although certain organizations like fablabs are interested in repurposing discarded materials, there is no one-stop solution gathering this information. 



On the other hand, whenever a user wants to get rid of bulky objects or other materials, the steps to get in touch with an association can be tedious. This solution enables a streamlined process for re-using furnitures and appliances, giving a second life to used objects and reducing waste production.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris