Support for local stores



Identifying the best locations for local stores

A decision making tool for shopkeepers to identify the best location for their store.





The technology crosses data related to the consumption patterns of a district, data related to the flows of consumers, with constraints pertaining to the profiles of the expected shoppers to best identify potential locations.

The experimentation took place in Paris 19th district.



Partners are providing the following data sets: anonymized banking data from 100k individual customer and 10k SMEs, list of retail outlets, typology and lay-out, opening hours/days, number of transactions in outlets. The selected startup – MyTraffic - offers solutions for retails actors, helping them find the ideal location for their point of sale and optimize their client performance. Mytraffic brings valuable data pertaining to pedestrian flows within a district.




In any district redevelopment program, economic and retail dynamism is key. But for a retail implantation to be successful, it should be installed at the right place at the right time, in order to catter to the needs of local residents and passers-by.

This new tool can help shopkeepers to rationalize their decision making process and therefore reduce the risk of failure. On a large scale, it should support local commercial projects and thus, foster a strong economic dynamic for neighborhoods.



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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris