Support the deployment of charging stations



Accelerating the adoption of electrical mobility


An interactive map offering the optimal location points for setting up charging stations











The algorithm identifies the best location points by integrating various data: constraints of the public space, potential use and potential financing of future terminals.


The experimentation took place in Paris' 16th & 19th districts



Partners are providing the following data sets: location and technical constraints associated with each type of charging station, data on public lighting networks, database of individuals who possess residential parking permits in Paris. The selected startup – Wintics is developing tailor-made algorithmic solutions to address business issues of its clients.




In France, 40% of vehicle owners don’t have a private parking space and must park their car in street-side parking spaces. This population needs a charging solution close to their residence. In order to acheive this objective, cities must provide an efficient support network.



This solution accelerates the adoption of electrical mobility by making it easier and more accessible, thus having a positive impact on both the quality of life and the environment.





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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris