Track & understand tourists flows


Using data to offer better services to tourists

TrendShaker feeds decisions makers of the tourism industry with data about usage and habits of foreigners in Paris





The app is designed for tourism decision-makers : the tourist office but also private actors such as department stores or hospitality experts. It aggregates data from mobile roaming, credit cards transaction and private taxi services in order to provide information on how and where tourists travel in Paris, as well as where and what they spend money on.


The experimentation took place in Paris




Partners provided the following data sets: travel-related data from mobile devices, credit card transaction records (amounts, user profiles, payment methods, locations, times and average purchases), Uber anonymized profiles and Paris open data. The selected startup - AiD - offers marketing intelligence leveraging their clients's data (analysis, treatment and exploitation).



Being the 1st tourist destination in the world, Paris needs to understand how tourist commute in the city to stay on top and offer best-in-class experience to its ever-growing tourist population.








This solution could help all private companies, as well as cities, enhance their offer targeting tourists.






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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris