Up-cycling construction materials



Promoting up-cycling by connecting professionals or individuals in need of construction materials


A service allowing construction companies to diagnose the re-usability potential of all materials on the site.



The solution allows project owners to demonstrate technical, economic and environmental feasibility in order to reach their goals (70% re-use). The service uses the partner's modelization app (Suez) as well as the startup's connecting service (Backacia).


The experimentation took place in Paris.



Partners are providing the following data sets: quantity, nature and dimensions of the materials, as well as identified branches for recycling and recovery. The selected startup – Backacia - enables construction sector players to instantly buy and sell second hand materials issued from deconstruction.





Only 35% of construction materials are recycled, but the European law pursues an objective of 70% by 2020 with legal constraints. Architects and design firms barely take the recovery, re-use or recycling processes into account when drawing up their plans. Waste management services are relegated to the demolisher, during the deconstruction or restoration phases.

This solution could help cities and private corporations, in France and in the EU, to reach their goal and be compliant.




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris