Energy pooling between buildings



Tools and tailored recommendations to to transfer energy between buildings

An algorithm to measure the potential energy transfers and to generate custom recommandations for its implementation.








This solution provides a tool for building and real-estate company who want to develop a cutting-edge approach to energy consumption. The experiment demonstrated the viability of its business model and it is now transformed into a new offer aiming at the renovation of housing but also the construction of new housing.


The experimentation took place in 3 Parisian buildings: a nursery, a service building and a residential building.




Partners provided the following data sets: data based on sensors from various buildings in Paris 8th and 12th districts, information on building stock data from Parisian "eco-districts". The selected startup – Openergy - provides a virtual building platform for energy performance.




When construction of new housing is limited, efforts to lower energy consumption must start with the improvement of existing structures. One of the main opportunities involves the development of energy exchanges between buildings and facilities.





This solution is about a change of scale: going from positive energy buildings to positive energy islands, which means multiplying opportunities and enhancing impact.





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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris