Lower power consumption in buildings


Make energy decisions easy for building managers


RDV Conso is a dashboard solution for building managers to help them save energy and money




RDV Conso is connected to real-time sensors placed in building. It aggregates data in a simple dashboard that is tailored for non-technical experts. The solution offers alerts and advice on how to react and reduce energy consumption. It also provides thorough reports on the impact of their eco-actions and the evolution of the building environmental footprint.


The experimentation took place in Paris - based on a 100 building sample test.




Partners provided the following data sets: electrical and heat consumption from 100 boiler room buildings, indoor temperature, presence and hygrometry readings coming from gyms, day-care centres and other facilities. The selected startup - BeeBryte - provides AI solutions for commercial buildings.




Paris City Council has pledged that 10% of the reduction in its energy consumption, in all the buildings it manages will stem from behavioural changes. To achieve this goal it needed a solution that could empower non-technical experts but decision makers for building management.



More generally, the target could include property managers in a variety of areas where building occupants do not pay energy bills directly and where the size of each building does not justify employing full-time maintenance staff (e.g. chain stores).




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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris