Pattern-detection in tourist-flows

How can local retailers, mobility providers and city agencies better understand patterns of tourists-flows?


A corporate startup of Daimler is creating an app-based platform for local exploration that allows users to discover nearby experiences in venues such as bars, restaurants, pop-up stores or museums and obtain rewards for visiting that they can redeem at a later point. Building on an existing userbase of pilot-users the challenge is to explore how anonymized usage-patterns can support the City of Berlin and local retailers in better understanding and adressing the needs of tourists.




- Existing technology-base for the automatic registration of users in a location, e.g. through beacon-technology

- Existing platform for data-analysis and pattern-recognition

- Interest in working with potential user-groups on the city- and retailer-side to jointly develop new solutions

- Dedicated resources for implementation for a 2-3 month experimentation phase

- Travel to Berlin to participate in up to three sprints (2-3 days) in Oct - Dec 2018

- English required, German would be a plus





- Integration in ongoing project with potential for rapid scaling

- Direct access to decision-makers on the city- / retailer-side to co-develop a solution

- 10.000 € to cover expenses and enable prototype-development (no equity taken)

- Business and pitch-coaching by experienced mentors to develop a scalable business-model - On-demand support in user research and UX-design

- Visibility through inclusion in public events involving local startup ecosystem, city administration and other corporate partners in Berlin

- Access to global NUMA innovation-network to scale solutions

- Deployment and test of prototype in an experimental setup in Berlin with opportunities to build a commercial partnership





- For retailers: developing deeper insight into customer-behavior for more relevant offers

- For startups: opportunity to test solutions in the field and build a long-term partnership with potential for scaling the solution

- For Daimler: extending range of offerings beyond mobility-solutions

- For the City of Berlin: gaining a better understanding of patterns of tourists in the city






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A program designed by NUMA in partnership with the City of Paris